The Charles Book Club case was derived, with the assistance of Ms. Vinni Bhandari, from The Bookbinders Club, a Case Study in Database Marketing, prepared by Nissan Levin and Jacob Zahavi, Tel Aviv University

The Charles Book Club (CBC) was established in December 1986 on the premise that a book…

Emotion detection in customer reviews with R.

When buying new products, consumers usually seek for quality and relevant information. With the expansion and availability of the Internet, online consumer reviews have become a valuable resource to look at. Several studies tried to demystify the relationship between product sales and online customer reviews. On the one hand, some…

How one can use R to solve job-interview tasks.

I recently came across an interesting job advertisement where a company gave a task to be solved by candidates interested in that particular position. To me it seemed like great hands-on exercises and test what you can expect in interviews for…

Mirza Mujanovic

R Enthusiast and Marketing lover.

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